Nicaragua Day 1-Off we go!

At the Airport:

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Our day started bright andd early Saturday morning. Most of us met at Centra head office at 3:40 am.

Once we arrived at the airport we made the long journey through many check points.

Our flight was quicker than we expected into Houston but when we arrived at 1:15 pm we were told we would have to wait on the Tarmac for 45 minutes for a gate to open. Once we arrive we realized we just missed a tornado just south of the Houston airport.

Which led to a very long delay…. And many silly antics from our team. The airport had thousands of displaced passengers, cancelled flights, and a 3 hour customer service line up.

We were one of the fortunate groups and managed to all get on a flight to Managua at 10:30 pm Houston time….

Needless to say when our pilot arrived to take us on the rest of our journey the large crowd erupted in applause.

We were a little worried on boarding when myself and Anton were left behind because of the over booked flight. It was a nail biter… But we managed to just squeak on.

Our team is really looking forward to arriving at La Semilla to get a good night sleep. Our expected arrival is 1:15 am mountain time. Then the drive to the ministry.

Can’t wait to settle in and create some wonderful memories.


Tammy Cleven


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