Nicaragua Day 4: Vertical Challenge


Big day today with a lot of productivity! The main roof structure is up with cross purlings going on.  The interior walls are taking shape and the bathroom and two medical rooms are compete.  With a few design changes we’ve modified the pharmacy  and added two more much needed medical rooms  With some challenges, Nathan was even able to get much of the wiring pulled through the conduit! Needless to say today was a success!

The school next door was in session today so we had a large number of interested kids peeking through the doors.  Many of them were eager to get involved and help.  As three of them joined me to cut the opening for the bathroom door, they stated to show a bit of interest in my size.  One was specifically memorized at the size of my shoes.  As time went on more kids came out.  Before you knew it they were all wanting to stand next to me! Some of the kids came up with a plan to “beat” my height, and soon there were buckets around me with kids standing on top of them. It was quite a site!

Anton Van Dyk


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