Centra Cares Golf Tournament 2017

Group photo of 2017 Annual Centra Cares Classic group  Emily having fun driving the pink camouflage golf cart.  A team golfing at the Centra Cares golf tournament.  Two awesome Centra Cares volunteers!  

 Some of our amazing Centra Cares team!  Anton chipping into a floaty for charity.  Another team golfing at the Centra Care tournament.  Garett practicing his ring toss skills.

2016 Centra Cares Holiday Raffle Donations 2017

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2016 Centra Cares Holiday Raffle

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Centra Cares Golf Tournament 2016

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NOW Society and Centra Cares 2016


Nicaragua 2015

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Snapshots of our 1st Annual Centra Cares Victoria Charity Golf Tournament

               Victoria Golf_The Mustard SeedVictoria Golf_Bear MountainVictoria Golf_VectorVictoria Golf_1 Victoria Golf_20 Victoria Golf_19 Victoria Golf_18 Victoria Golf_17 Victoria Golf_16 Victoria Golf_15 Victoria Golf_14 Victoria Golf_13 Victoria Golf_12 Victoria Golf_11 Victoria Golf_10 Victoria Golf_9 Victoria Golf_8 Victoria Golf_7 Victoria Golf_6 Victoria Golf_5 Victoria Golf_4 Victoria Golf_3 Victoria Golf_2 Victoria Golf_Putting Contest Victoria Golf_TD Booth Victoria Golf_Pro Golf Station Victoria Golf_Centra Booth Victoria Golf_Chip through the window Victoria Golf_21 Victoria Golf_Hole In OnesVictoria Golf_GolfersVictoria Golf_Casuals

Scenes from our 20th Annual Centra Cares Golf Classic Tournament!

 Golf Tournament 2015 185 Golf Tournament 2015 038 Golf Tournament 2015 243 Golf Tournament 2015 219 Golf Tournament 2015 213 Golf Tournament 2015 211 Golf Tournament 2015 208 Golf Tournament 2015 206 Golf Tournament 2015 195 Golf Tournament 2015 166 Golf Tournament 2015 135 Golf Tournament 2015 101 Golf Tournament 2015 099 Golf Tournament 2015 093 Golf Tournament 2015 084 Golf Tournament 2015 083 Golf Tournament 2015 069 Golf Tournament 2015 066 Golf Tournament 2015 052 IMG_1700 GolfCartCollage Mark

Just some of the captured memories and experiences from past Centra Cares events