A Boy Named Nicolas

A boy named Nicolas 2Over the years, Centra has supported many wonderful causes. ‘A Boy Named Nicolas’ has recently touched our hearts

Nicolas has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which affects his ability to control his muscles hindering his ability to walk, stand, sit, eat and even breathe and swallow. Nicolas and his family reside in Maple Ridge and will be completing a large renovation to their home with Gara Construction to accommodate their son’s needs.

“Hearing of Nicolas defying the odds with SMA is an inspiration and we are grateful that we could help the Schwuchow family with their upcoming renovation” Mark Brandow Sales Manager. Centra Windows will be donating just over $10,000 worth of product to this project through Centra Cares and will be volunteering to help with the installation of their new windows and doors. “When I asked the manufacturing team if anyone would be interested in donating their time to manufacture the windows and doors for this project; I received an overwhelming response. The product for this project will be manufactured with 100% volunteered time. I couldn’t be more proud of my team” Hart Pauls VP Manufacturing.

Why does Centra Care? “Social responsibility is key to our corporate culture at Centra Windows and when we heard about Nicolas and his family we recognized that there was an opportunity for us to make a difference” Emily Parson VP Marketing. Centra would like to encourage all our valued partners and suppliers to get involved to help this wonderful family. With the additional help from the construction community, we can make an even bigger impact.   

 A note from Nicolas’s Father: “I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how grateful we are for Centra’s contribution towards our home renovation for Nicolas.  Words will never be able to express what this means to us but please know that you are helping to make an incredible impact in Nicolas’ life. He continues to defy the odds and providing him with a functional home environment gives him the opportunity to continue that journey.” Rolf Schwuchow


Click here to read Nicolas’s story and learn more about how you can help.


Sundeep Sekhon

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Centra Care’s Golf Classic was a Hole-in-One!

With Centra’s match we raised over $72,000, beating last year’s total by over $20,000 and making this the best year yet! The day was an exemplary event, showing how Centra likes to work hard…but play hard too!

It all kicked off with a tailgate party complete with pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, and a few cold ones. The staff at Redwoods were unbeatable in their enthusiasm and attention to detail. We were so grateful to have them working with us!

Properly hydrated and full of delicious food, it was time for the tee-off…but first we held our annual mega-putt (and let us say, there are some skilled golfers amongst us!) Following this annual tradition the golfers grabbed their bags and it was off to the course!

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to hold the tournament, with the sun-shinning and nothing but blue skies. It was the ideal day to sit back and enjoy a leisurely game out on the course.

The whole day was a resounding success, and we owe each of our sponsors and participants a huge thank you for all support and donations! We could not have raised $72,000 had it not been for you!

All the funds raised will be going to La Semilla Ministries in Nicaragua, to build a medical clinic. We will be returning to Nicaragua this coming November, to help develop, build, and establish the medical facility. In addition, funds will be going to The Mustard Seed located in Victoria, to continue helping their efforts towards alleviating hunger and strengthen the spirits of those who truly need it.

Words cannot express our gratitude and pride in what was accomplished in our 20th annual golf classic! We at Centra thank you all again, and hope to see you at our future Centra Cares Charity events!


Speaking of events…This year we are starting our First Annual Golf Classic in Victoria at Bear Mountain Resort. We would love to have you out there on the course with us! For tournament information please visit https://www.centracares.ca/tournament-details/golf-tournament-sponsorship

Visit the Gallery for more event pictures!

/IMG_1700Golf tourney