Mexico 2019 | Day 7 Blog

By: Kyle Hoekstra & Ian Bradley

Today we woke up to more rain and high winds. The bus to pick up the kids for daycare did leave this morning but only came back with 7 children. We were treated to French fries and eggs for breakfast.

As we arrived at site we found a little bit of flooding due to no drainage but a quick self-made drain took care of that.

As the day went on we all worked on finishing the forms for our concrete pour at lunch time while a group finished the plumbing. The concrete arrived on time and we began our pour. We had a small issue with some forms blowing out but after all hands on deck, it was resolved and we could finish the pour. We finished everything on the plumbing, pouring, and the work on the trailer and even built some shelves in their storage room.

After a hard week of work we were off to celebrate with Juan and his family at the taco stand where they presented us with a plaque thanking us for our help.