La Semilla Nicaragua Trip Update

It has been a little while since our Centra Cares trip down to Nicaragua to help build a medical clinic. Luckily, the amazing folks at La Semilla Ministries have provided us with an update to let us know the progress that has been made since our trip!

To find out more about the Centra Cares Nicaragua Trip, click here.

Its been awhile it seems since all you nice people were visiting us in Nicaragua,

I finally have wonderful news to report on the hard work you all put into the clinic project. The road to this point was frustrating at times but the community and local government finally came to an agreement and its officially open!!!

They will be staffing it with a nurse 5 days of the week; a doctor & one more nurse at least 2 days per week.

This is what the community leader sent to me as a message:

Nuestro agradecimiento a usted a la Iglesia Evangélica Libre de Canadá, por so valiosa aporte ala salud de las familias de la Comunidad, también quiero transmitir mi agradecimiento alas dos brigadas que arduamente trabajaron,para convertir en realidad este sueño…Dios me los colme de bendiciones..Muchas Gracias..un fuerte abrazo.

Our gratitude to you and the Free Evangelical Church of Canada, for your valuable contribution to the health of the families of the Community, I also want to convey my gratitude to the two teams that worked hard to make this dream come true … may God bless you richly … Thank you … a big hug.

Thanks again for your donations and dedication towards this project and La Semilla Ministries.

Today I received a few pictures of the first day they are attending to patients, you will find them at the bottom.


Thank you for the update La Semilla Ministries! We are overjoyed to hear that the clinic is fully open and operational!




Highlights from our 22nd Annual Centra Cares Golf Tournament

Our 22nd Annual Centra Cares Golf Classic 2017 was a great success! The donations raised at this year’s tournament will be donated to Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon, Faith and Love Children’s Ministries and a variety of other charities that Centra Cares Foundation supports.

Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to all of our donors and sponsors! Here are some of the highlight from the tournament.