Mexico 2019 | Day 5 Blog

By: Stephen Wilkins

This morning started early with Ian, we got up at 5 to be ready for the bus to pick up the kids for daycare. It was amazing to see, despite what we would consider dire conditions, smiling faces and upbeat spirits. The kids piled into the van one by one as we drove through suburbs littered amongst the fields and farms. One of the kids, was about 18 months, sat on my lap so I could hold him while we drove around to pick up the remaining kids. Despite his clean appearance he decided to be dirty a different way, I don’t miss those days.

After breakfast we were on our way to the jobsite when we discovered a parade for the Mexican Revolution. We stopped for a bit and took some photos then proceeded to work. The parade went on for half the day causing some issues getting around. But we made it to the fish tacos.

On the job site we worked on completing the forms for the concrete beams and getting the heavy rebar in place, Andrew, had the daunting task of troubleshooting an existing plumbing line while I completed the new cistern, turns out we will be building another and replacing some lines that have become an issue for them.

After working a long day, Brendan, Corrine and I made dinner for everyone. Deboned chicken isn’t readily available so I had to debone some chicken legs, which was fun, and then Brendan and Corrine started on the veggies and salad. The dinner came together quite well and there were no leftovers. After dishes were done we proceeded to the fire pit and played 2 truths and a lie. It is an interesting way to find out new things about someone.