Nicaragua 2013

As may of you know, a number of Centra staff  went to Diriamba, Nicaragua in 2013 to help less-fortunate families in need. The group donated time to help build and repair homes, build a community centre, and help with arming and agricultural sustainability.

We’ve recently received updates, a wonderful letter, and photos to let us know how Centra’s help made a difference in the community.

Hello All and a very Merry Christmas!

It was great to meet up with some of you while Esther & I were in Langley, John was gracious enough to give me a tour of your plant, great place to work, many wonderful people (which I figured since getting to know you in Nicaragua).

A little over a year ago we spent 10 days together, our family still talks about the great time we had. The community centre, play ground equipment, concrete table and school are all very much appreciated by the people. Definitely made a lasting impression, all because you guys had the courage to come down, step out of the comfort zone and rub shoulders with the Nicaraguan people.

The work at La Semilla Ministries is going strong, it has been a tough year with losing the first crop due to no rain and the second crop lower yields to too much rain and bugs during a critical time of the growing season, but The Lord has blessed us with higher prices so that is offsetting the negative.

2015 is shaping up to be another strong growth year with many farmer wanting to join the program and existing farmers wanting to add more land and I want to encourage you as we are upon this season to consider partnering with us to continue helping our fellow Nicaraguan farmers.

Currently with the tremendous growth we’ve had, the ministry is struggling to keep up with the operational costs, as you know that when there is strong growth the expenses tend to rise too, please consider giving toward these costs. We need to raise another $1000.00/mth to balance our current deficit.

Again, thanks for what you have done and are doing!!

In Christ

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