Nicaragua : Making Progress

Today we had a great day of production on the clinic!  The concrete crew poured 75 % of the sidewalks, The interior wall crew are almost done the walls and the roof crew completed framing and installed 50 % of the metal roofing.

Carl stood on the peak celebrating as Jer installed the last screw!  It has been quite humid the last two days but all the crew continued to push hard for a timely completion; Centra Cares Baby! 😉

I am very proud of how all the crew have worked so hard. The school kids from the neighborhood are always hanging around and trying to help; they like nothing better than to be allowed to contribute. As soon as they are finished they run back to their friends just beaming with pride that they got to help.

All the people are so friendly here. We are always greeted with a smile. After we wrapped up today one of the LaSemilla staff took us on a walk thru the village and asked if we could see a farmers farm. We were granted a full guided tour. He was very proud of what he has accomplished.

If it doesn’t rain he packs water in on his back! There is no machinery involved. It is hand sowed and the crop is taken off by hand as well. It is then packed up the hill. We were all rather breathless by the time we walked back up the hill. The farmer does this everyday. We could see that its a constant job trying to keep the jungle at bay, lest it take over his land. This farmer works with LaSemilla and their crop assistance plan.

Overall it was a great day. Its difficult to narrow it down to a few words what we experience each day, there are so many!


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Jeff Foster

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