Mexico 2019 | Day 1 Blog

We have opportunities to serve both at Welcome Home daycare where we are sleeping, as well as The Good Samaritan Seniors Care Home where our construction work is planned.

Day 1 Blog

By: Brendan Friesen

Saturday our goal was travel. Langley to Vincente Guerrero, Mexico in 16 hours. The flights passed quickly for those who were sleeping. Once in San Diego we piled into two Van’s and headed south. A few contrasts stuck out to me along the way.

The contrast between Mexico and the United States is immediate at the border. Regardless of your views on walls or migrant caravans, it was a good reminder that the geopolitical events we read about happen in real places and to real people.

The contrast between an off-road Baja 1000 driver and John T behind the wheel of a 12 passenger van is smaller than I expected. The Baja 1000 race was occurring during our drive down. We saw these overpowered off-road machines in for pit stops all along the highway for hours. John gave it his best shot when the pavement ended by creating his own off road 3rd passing lane between buses on one side and a mountain drop off on the other to make sure all of us were staying awake.

At home we complain about the wealth gap but the contrast in Vincente Guerrero is far more noticeable. A town of around 10,000 people, most work in the Strawberry fields which our produce originates from for about $10 per day.

We are staying in a daycare compound for children of these workers, “Welcome Home Ministries” for the duration of our trip. As I fall asleep on Day 1, I hear music and singing from our local neighbours.