Mexico 2019 | Day 2 Blog

Our Centra family representing in Mexico, fresh off their 16 hour journey. Time for the work to begin!

Day 2 Blog

By: Brendan Friesen & Stephen Wilkins

Sunday was our day to take in our surroundings and plan out our work for the week. We have opportunities to serve both at Welcome Home daycare where we are sleeping at as well as The Good Samaritan Seniors Care Home where our construction work is planned.

Before that, we started Sunday by going to the local church for Sunday service and heading into town to explore. The sermon being in Spanish, I snuck out to read stories to the kids halfway through.

After Church we met up with Juan, the local director of the senior center for a tour and to check out what projects we are working on. We’ve split into two teams to tackle concrete forms and plumbing this week. My accounting skills have translated into a ditch digging assignment down here.

Juan felt a strong calling from God to look after the local seniors who had been abandoned, his story is amazing and is deserving of a post all on its own. After starting the centre, he has partnered with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada which is how Centra Cares Foundation got connected and we are here now.

We wrapped up the evening with a quick trip to watch the sunset over the Pacific and out for the best tacos I’ve ever had. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be down here and looking forward to getting to work.

Day 2 in the books, after some games of crib and orientation, we watch the sunset and prepare for work tomorrow, it is important to remember on the task at hand, but also to reflect on our FAMILY pillar.

We will spend a lot of time together over the next 5 days building and working together as a team but more importantly growing our Centra family to include the lives that we help with this project now and in the future.