Mexico 2019 | Day 3 Blog

 We have opportunities to serve both at Welcome Home daycare where we are sleeping, as well as The Good Samaritan Seniors Care Home where our construction work is planned.

By: Lanson | Lanstone Homes & Patrick | Armstrong BC.

Corinne and Heather left at 5:50 am with the daycare bus to pick up 40 children from some poverty stricken neighborhoods.

After breakfast with the kids and doing dishes we arrived at the seniors’ care facility to continue the expansion of new shower and sleeping rooms.

The first work day was a productive day for all involved. In addition to the construction, Corinne performed 20 haircuts on the residents. This is the first time she has cut hair on a 100 year old woman.

Today involved leveling the ground for the new plumbing and slab work. We formed pillars for the upper suspended slab and tied steel, jackhammered concrete and John and Roland fixed 5 leaky skylights. Roland hit John’s thumb with a hammer cause he was tired of being directed around.

After a great but long day, the team enjoyed another authentic Mexican meal at one of Steve Neufeld’s (our guide from EFCCM) favorite eateries. All will sleep sound tonight for another productive and fun team day tomorrow.